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Blackjack Card Counting

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Is online gambling ruining the core of gambling by introducing an excess of graphics and giving it a video game kind of feel? The bright lights, GIF’s of bonuses and running jackpot meter, can all be seen on any of the UK or USA online casino.  Things have gone into turbo mode and players can try their hands on tons of games in fraction of seconds.  CasinoBonusTips has seen this evolution. We’ve figured out that there are certain irreplaceable plays and Blackjack is on the top spot in our list. If you are a little scared of Blackjack, don’t be. Card counting plays an important role and we are here to teach you exactly, how to make Blackjack your best friend.

How to Master the Skill

There are several books available on Blackjack card counting. It is an important skill for a player. But first things first; card counting has nothing to do with memorizing cards.  So, even if you have terrible memory, you shouldn’t be worried Blackjack is about more Aces and 10 face cards. Card counting is simple; you just need to keep the ratio of Low cards to High cards right. Be the hero of your game and outsmart casino dealers to walk away with a sizable amount of bucks!

“It's a strategy, which is frequently employed by players to determine whether the next handout will give an advantage to the dealer or the player.”


Here’s what we recommend

·         Assign a value to every card

·         Keep a running count

·         Calculate the count per deck using the above information

·         Choose your bet size according to the situation, don’t stick on to anything for too long

A good strategy can get the house edge advantage to relatively low percentage, which is pretty good!

Why Card Counting is so Important

Most new guys are under a wrong assumption that card counting is a mystery and needs a lot of experience to master. Everybody wants to be a winner at the end and when you are playing against the dealer, you are competing against the best. This specific practice surely gives you an edge over others, but don't necessarily guarantee you a win; in fact, it reduces your losing percentage at a decent rate. Many players at US Internet casinos are using this technique to improve their play.

·         Players must have a decent bankroll to implement this strategy

·         Card Counting is legal, but frowned upon by casinos

·         Players can acquire a house edge of .5% to 1% over casinos which is quite good

·         Don’t act like a pro, it’s okay to be a little unsure and nervous on the first go

Which are the common Techniques

It's all about opting for the right technique that naturally suits your type of play for BlackJack game. If Adam likes black, then it's not required that Mark likes black too, and this absolutely doesn't mean that black is not a good choice. The same is also applicable for choosing a perfect strategy.

The High-Lo System

With this widely used technique, every card is assigned a particular value. It helps you distinguish between high and low value cards; those with high value like Aces and tens will not only increase the probability of Blackjack being dealt, but also helps you in total to get to 20.

The True Count

It is a practical and professional approach to playing Blackjack. Players just need to determine the balance of the Blackjack deck is the number of remaining cards. It is more accurate, quick and result oriented.


Blackjack is an epic casino game which requires fast calculations and a lot of practice. We hope you had a good time going through our blog. Have a great game ahead.

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